Alma Street Department

The Alma Street Department is responsible for ensuring the safety and maintaining the condition of all public streets, alleys, and rights of ways.


  • Pothole patching
  • Crack sealing
  • Asphalt paving
  • Street cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal from streets
  • Alley grading
  • Limb and leaf collection
  • Unplugging drains or sumps
  • Stormwater drainage
  • Facility maintenance
  • Street construction projects

Alma Road Closure

The narrow bridge on Cherry St, between Marsha Woolly Dr (Hwy 162) and Fayetteville Ave, is scheduled for demolition and replacement. This project will likely take more than 12 months to complete.

Starting the week of April 15th, the bridge will be reduced to one lane for several months.  Expect traffic delays as a result.

After several months, the bridge will be completely closed for removal and replacement.

Please begin planning alternate routes to avoid delays. Alternate routes include Fayetteville Ave, Main St, Marsha Woolly Dr (Hwy 162) and Hwy 64.

Thank you for your patience during this essential improvement process.

Brush & Leaf Pickup

Curbside Brush Pickup

The City offers a free service to all citizens who reside within the City limits of Alma, whereby tree trimmings (branches) can be collected and disposed of by the City.

Customers wishing to use this service must call the City Clerk at 479.632.4119, and give details of their name and address. Collection is usually carried out on every Tuesday and Thursday.

In order to ensure that this service can continue to be provided free of charge, the following restrictions shall apply: All brush and/or branches must be less than 6” in diameter. The City will not handle felled trees, or large quantities of branches. The Department will, as a rule of thumb, limit its operations to a maximum of 15 minutes per customer per day, on days that chipping is carried out.

Debris generated by a contractor will not be removed by the City.

Do not mix tree trimmings with grass, flowers, shrubs, leaf piles, trash, etc. No root balls or pulled up trees will be accepted. No vines will be accepted.

Tree trimmings should be placed behind the curb with the cut ends facing the same direction. The pile should be no more than the amount that will fit in the back of a pickup truck. Please do not place trimmings in the ditch or the street.

Chippings are stockpiled at the City’s Recycling Center located at 580 Spring Street (downtown). At a property owner’s request, the chippings originating from their property may be chipped and left at the edge of his/her property. Chippings may be collected from the stockpile, free of charge, during normal work hours i.e. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, for customers to use.

Leaf Pickup

Leaf Pickup is a free service provided to all customers’ who reside within the City limits of Alma whereby the City will collect loose leaves that have been swept to the edge of the street, or curb side.

Customers wishing to use this service must call the City Clerk at 479.632.4119 and give details of their name and service address.

Leaf Collection is normally carried out seasonally during the spring and fall seasons.

Winter Clean-Up: The Collection Program usually starts by mid-October. Leaf collection must be completed before winter weather arrives because leaf vacuums are ineffective in snow and ice.

Spring Clean-Up: The Collection Program usually begins on March 1st and ends on April 30th.

General Points: Rake leaves to the curb, or edge of roadway, no more than 7 days prior to requesting their collection. Do not rake leaves into the street or ditch. Rake only leaves; do not include twigs, branches, grass or trash, which may jam the leaf machines. Leaves may not be discarded with regular trash. Do not park over leaves since heat from a vehicle may ignite them. The leaf collection schedule is subject to delay due to inclement weather.

Leaf mulch is stockpiled at the City’s Recycling Center located at 580 Spring Street (downtown).

Trash Pickup

See Details About Garbage & Recycling Service >

Household Hazardous Waste

Certain household hazardous waste can be handled through the City of Fort Smith Landfill. Contact them at 479.784.2351. Charges depend on the characteristics of the waste product. Certain products can be disposed of free of charge.

Used Oil

A used motor oil recycling depot is located at the Alma Walmart Tire & Lube Center. Contact Walmart at 479.632.4360. This service is free to the public.

Composting Center

City Residents can dispose of Tree trimmings, leaves and grass clippings at the City’s recycle center at 580 Spring Street.  For more information and restrictions, contact the City Clerk at 479.632.4110.