Street Projects Update

Layout of Y Intersection in Alma

Street Projects for the City of Alma continue. The projects have been planned for many years and are now under construction or completed.

Several completed projects include the asphalt overlay of West Collum Lane and Maple Shade, the Overlay of Hwy 71, rebuilding of Main St and Mountain Grove Rd, rebuiding of East Collum Lane, Cherry Street and Fayetteville Ave south of Hwy 64.

Fayetteville Ave Streetscape

Fayetteville Ave will be transformed from a sterile State Highway to a landscaped tree-lined boulevard. The project will include widening of the sidewalks to 10’ with landscaped flower beds, shade trees, seating areas, ornamental trash receptacles and pedestrian lighting.  A landscaped median will be constructed down the center of the street and include period lighting. The median will contain London Plane trees that will eventually grow to 40 feet high and have a 40 foot canopy. Pedestrian crossings will have a brick street appearance. Several areas will include ornamental wrought iron fencing similar to the current pocket park near the mural. Underground conduits are being installed to allow for the future installation of wiring for sound. All vegetation, including trees, will be irrigated to insure health.

 Construction will began on March 25, 2019 and should be complete by June 30th, 2020.

Canner Bridge

The narrow bridge on West Cherry St (Hwy 64B) is scheduled for replacement in mid-2020.  The replacement will be completed by the Arkansas Department of Transportation. The existing bridge structure is of historical significance and may ultimately be considered by the City for relocation and use as a steam crossing in the trails system. The cost of reconstruction is significant and may therefore be cost prohibitive.

The bridge construction project will require closing of West Cherry at that location. The project should take 6 months to complete.

Rudy Road Repair and Overlay

Several areas of Rudy Rd will require base repairs leading to an asphalt overlay.  The repairs will require intermittent lane closures, which could effect traffic flow in the area. This project is not currently scheduled, but should be determined in mid 2020.