COVID-19 Positive Test Support Groups

COVID-19 Positive Test Support Groups Arkansas Department of Health

Registration is now open for new tele-health support groups for Arkansas residents who have tested positive for COVID-19.

These groups will offer support for Arkansans in an anonymous, secure setting, while they remain in the safety of their homes. Our hope is to allow a safe place for participants to share their fears and anxiety as well as gain strength and encouragement from each other. 

Participants will be encouraged to offer support to each other and to share ideas for ways to cope with their feelings in a healthy and positive way.

These meetings are not medical advice, group therapy or intended for any type of mental health diagnosis or treatment. Participants may be referred or encouraged to seek counseling if appropriate, but this is not a treatment group. Any identified needs for a higher level of intervention will be quickly addressed and referred to the appropriate place, such as the patient’s primary care physician.

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